Tuesday, March 18, 2008


If you read my blog yesterday, you discovered how Maggie, our seven year old, has started asking those questions that every parent dreads. Actually, she started asking those questions a few years ago, when our sister-in-law was pregnant with our niece, Kaylin. You know, I try to think of myself as a with-it, intelligent parent, but using the words “penis” and “vagina” in a conversation with my child are certainly not the highlights of my day. Of late, her questions about how babies are made are much more focused on how animal babies are made. If you missed yesterday’s blog, it is important you get caught up before you look ahead at today’s entry.

Being the super-great mom that I am and wanting to help sate my child’s curiosity, as well as allow her to understand that it is ok to ask questions, I decided to head to the library. It has become obvious from the confused looks I am getting from Maggie that she really isn’t grasping my fact spiel about animal procreation. I think I may have confused her even more actually. I thought it might be helpful to pick up some books on the subject so that she could see some drawing and illustrations to assist me in explaining just how babies are made.

I have been really busy at work these days, and left work late on my way to the library. Not wanting to spend too much time there, I found the appropriate section, and quickly grabbed a few titles that I thought would be suitable for our needs. I figured I could look through them after the kids were in bed and decide which would be the best to use.

I had told Chris I was stopping by the library on the way home, but hadn’t explained why. After I got home, I set the books on a higher counter that the kids don’t use, and started helping Maggie with her homework. I figured I would explain all about the books to him later. However, he stumbled on them before I had a chance to explain. He pulled me aside with one of the books in hand, and said, “what in hell’s name are you thinking?” Now keep in mind, I hadn’t really had a chance to look through the books while I was at the library.

I couldn’t contain my laughter as we flipped through this particular book, and immediately I knew, I just knew, what today’s blog would feature. So, without further ado. . . . I must present some excerpts from Schepp and Andry’s book, How Babies Are Made.

This first featured drawing shows that female chickens have eggs and male chickens have sperm. OK - so far, so good. These are basic enough facts - are you with me so far?

Here's where things start to go awry. First, the rooster spies the chicken and decides that he wants to get him some of that. Bend over, let me see ya shake a tail feather. . .

It doesn't take long for the funky chicken dance to begin. Dear Lord, how could I possibly explain this one to a seven year old?

Mission Accomplished - We now see the sperm heading toward the eggs. (Sidenote: What is wrong with this chicken? Does it never walk upright?)

I wonder if Maggie will be as keen on eating eggs once she figures out that the come from a chicken's butt?

The rooster is looking at his new little chick like he is his pride and joy. Wonder how the little chick will feel once he finds out that his ol' rooster daddy likes to spread the love around the barnyard, and that there's a little chick, chick here, a chick, chick there, here a chick, there a chick, everywhere a chick, chick.

Leaving the barnyard behind, we move onto Rover. Oh how cute! Rover has learned to sit up and beg! While he's sitting so nicely, let's check out his penis and testicles!

Bow, wow. No foreplay here. Rover gets right to it.

Don't run right out and try to check this book out from the Decatur Public Library! It is still at home on my kitchen counter. You will have to wait your turn.


Teresa said...

Oh my Goodness! I actually laughed out loud on this one! The pictures are unreal! This is one converstion I'm not looking forward to having with my future children. LOL!

Becky said...

The pictures are great, aren't they? Don't they just crack you up?

Kitty said...

I'll have to remember to check that one out when Lucy starts asking questions! That's hysterical! You'd be better off to draw your own illustrations.

Julianne said...

Oh my. Truman walked in while I was reading this and I minimized the window.

Maybe a trip to a farm is in order to satisfy Maggie's curiosities.

Anonymous said...

That is HILARIOUS! That book should win a Pulizter!

Anonymous said...


Your blog re the book HOW BABIES ARE MADE is a joke! Your ridiculous comments not only display ignorance, have no basis in fact, and if one isn't familir with the book, state your opinions which have absolutey no basis in fact.

By the way, do you know that HOW BABIES ARE MADE was responsible for defeating the many taboos associated with the teaching of sex education to young children? That it has sold well over one million copies? That it has been published into some 40 languages and has been sold in a slew of countries? That it considered THE definitive work on the subject?

Kelly said...

this is the book I learned from!