Wednesday, March 26, 2008


6. Post’s Live Active Cereal – I have reached that age where if I am going to buy a new breakfast cereal, the first thing I look at is the fiber content (goodbye youth and Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch.) One of my new favorites is Post’s Live Active Nut Harvest Crunch. It does have 6 g of fat per serving, but it does have 8 g of fiber per serving. They also make one called Post Live Active Mixed Berry Crunch which is good as well, but the Nut Harvest is my favorite.

7. Mad Men – This is an AMC original series. It is set in 1960 New York, and is about the lives of the competitive advertisers of Madison Avenue. It is so unbelievable at times – almost like looking at a snapshot in time from fifty years ago when white men had sole power, and for most women, their biggest ambition was to marry well and raise a passel of kids. For the women who did work, most became secretaries, elementary teachers, or nurses. Sexual harassment was rampant, and everyone smoked like fiends, anytime and everywhere. It is almost enough to give you lung cancer just watching it. Very interesting and enlightening series with good plotlines and believable characters.

8. warmer weather is coming – This winter has seemed to be a very long, cold one. We have had a few glimpses of spring in the past week. On Good Friday, it was warm enough that Maggie and I worked in the yard all day in just sweatshirts and jeans with no coats on. That night, Chris made chicken on the grill – our first grilling for 2008. I am ready for t-shirt and jeans weather.

9. vacation is less than a month away – We are taking the kids and heading to Charleson, SC in April for a week of vacation. They have been to the Gulf of Mexico many times, but never the Atlantic. They are going to be in for a surprise when they find out that it is quite a bit colder. They will love the fact that there are so many seashells to find though. The ones at the Gulf are tiny and not really worth the trouble of collecting. I am excited because we are staying in a condo that is directly ocean-front (actually on the Isle of Palms, near Charleston.) Momma is ready for some R and R.

10. Five Gum – Gum that came out about six months ago. It is made by the Wrigley Company. It comes in three flavors, Rain (spearmint), Flare (cinnamon), and Cobalt (peppermint.) I like them all – they are long-lasting, intense flavor and are sugar free.

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