Friday, March 14, 2008


After spending most of the week at home with my youngest, I have a few "Aleitaisms" to share.

The first occured yesterday morning. After I gave her a bath, I was cleaning up the bathroom a bit. When I was finished, the last thing I did was empty the garbage. Aleita had been playing on the bathroom floor with a few of her cars near me, but as soon as I took the new garbage sack out, she immediately jumped up. "Can I wap it? Can I wap it?" she pleaded. I looked at her, dumbfounded. I asked her what she meant, and her explanation actually made sense. She wanted to shake the garbage bag out the way I do before you actually put it in the can. Apparently, to her, the noise it makes is "wap, wap, wap." Not one to deprive my children of such wonderous experiences, I allowed her to "wap" the bag.

The other funny thing occured last night. (It actually almost wasn't funny - - if I had walked in the bathroom a few seconds later, my amusement would have been considerably less, in fact.) She told me she needed to potty, and I sent her in the bathroom. After a few minutes, I hadn't heard anything from her, so I stuck my head in to see if all was well. She was standing in front of the toilet, pants down, looking thoughtfully at the commode. "What are you doing?" I asked. Her response, "I want to pee like a boy."

Attending daycare has good points and bad. I have found that modesty is not a strong character suit among most daycare kids. Even at age four, they think very little of having another child of the opposite sex seeing them "doing their business" on the potty. Apparently due to this lack of discreetness, Aleita has come to realize that boys get to pee standing up and decided she would like to do the same.

In the most simple way possible, I explained to her that boys had a special part that allowed them to pee standing up, but that girls had to pee sitting down. She told me that Pauling and Hadrian (two of her best buddies who are boys from school) had a special part and that they could pee standing up. Then she asked, "where did they get that part?" I explained to her that it was just the way God made them. Her last question made me laugh out loud: "Mommy," she asked, "Can we go to the mall and get one?" Something tells me that it won't pop up in the sales ads for JCPenneys or Sears anytime soon.

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uh....that would be a different kind of catalog....