Thursday, September 10, 2009


As we were eating dinner last night, Maggie said to me, "Fix Dempsey's ear."

Dempsey, our Boxer dog, was sitting beside me as we ate dinner, and at some point, one of his floppy ears had flipped up. I said, "why do you care?"

She winced and said, "It just bothers me - it doesn't look comfortable."

I gave her a strange look and she said, "You know when someone's shirt collar is flipped up or their tag on their shirt is sticking out and you just want to fix it, but you don't even know them? That's how looking at his ear makes me feel. I just want to fix it."

Laughing, I straightened out his floppy ear (which of course, if we had waited 20 seconds, he would have done himself by shaking his head.)

The funny thing was, I knew exactly what she was talking about. I have had that exact feeling before - - feeling uncomfortable because of someone else's shirt tag sticking out, or collar being flipped up. I also get that feeling when I see a woman who has long hair and it is tucked into the back of her shirt or jacket.....or when I see a woman who has her bra strap twisted....or when someone's necklace clasp works its way around to the front.

What about you? What are some of those little annoyances that drive you crazy?


Susan said...

Toilet paper that's been "installed" under instead of over, phone cords that have been twisted to half their original length, button-down collars that are worn unbuttoned, crooked pictures, the use of the non-words "irregardless" and heighth....oh Becky, let's not open those floodgates again!

Susan said...

oh, and I forgot to mention dust bunnies in one's bangs!

uncle doug said...

A friend of mine is fond of using the term "a mute point" in conversation. I love her dearly. I've not pointed out that the word she intends is "moot" in the more than 30 years I've known her. But still my few hairs stand on end each time I hear it.

And the word "amazing" must be struck from the language, with severe penalties to anyone who would use it. Just watch the reality shows on Bravo a couple of times, and you too will hate that word.

papadale said...

simply amazing......sorry, Doug made me do it