Wednesday, September 16, 2009


The girls' school has a website that allows parents to check on their child's progress regularly. The teachers can input their grades, as well as add comments about assignments.

Tonight I was checking over both of the girls' accounts. One of the comments under Aleita's made me laugh - - under her marks for physical education last week, she had gotten an 80%. The teacher's remark made by the grade was "needs to practice galloping."

Better get my five-year old geared up for the next big P.E. test....she is going to gallop her butt off this weekend until she gets it right!! We will not have any gallop slackers in the Hale house!


papadale said...

If you don't have a stick horse, let her use your broom, if she rides it with the broom head down, you can get the sidewalks swept at the same time she's practicing her equestrian skills, oh, and check with Aunt Julianne when the barrel riding finals get closer.

uncle doug said...

When did galloping become an essential skill? Or did I miss out on something all those years ago by not becoming a proficient galloper? Maybe that would explain some serious maladjustment on my part. I wonder what people would think if I just decided to go galloping around the neighborhood someday. Or would they just say nay?

Gaye said...

I always preferred galloping to skipping...Uncle Doug, please let me know when you'll be galloping around the neighborhood.

uncle doug said...

I will definitely not be skipping. Nope, no skipping at my house.