Wednesday, September 23, 2009


“Here’s your change, sweetie,” said the clerk to me at the gas station this morning as she handed me back the difference. I collected my change and seriously fought the urge to say, “thanks, sugar.” She was all of maybe nineteen years old….and she had just called me “sweetie.” (though I’m sure that is also how she addressed the guy behind me, and the lady behind him.)


I have to admit that it gets on my nerves to be referred to by one of these terms of endearment by someone I don’t know - - though it seems to annoy me more when it is by someone who was born about the time I was graduating from high school. Does this bother anyone else?


Ms. Hill said...

This irritates me, too. The lady who works at the gas station across from where I work calls me (and everyone else) sweetie. It just doesn't mean anything. I mean, really, does she think everyone is cute? :)

papadale said...

Oh Man!!! you just ruptured another bubble for me, I thought the gal at the station was hittin' on me!!!!!

Teresa said...

We have a customer, actually there's a few, that calls us babe. Thank ya, babe. Drives me up the wall. I'm not your babe ~ so quit saying that!

lartdejournalier said...

It doesn't bother me whatsoever, but it's also really common down here in the northern South. ha!

I get called, and find myself saying often, "hon", which really, is better than "ma'am", because THAT is the term used for someone they KNOW is old.