Saturday, August 16, 2008


Sometimes it is interesting to hear what the kids talk about when they forget that I am only a few feet away from them. This morning, I took Maggie, Aleita and their friend, Marty, over to Sullivan to the Little Theater on the Square to see "Pinocchio." On the ride over, Marty and Maggie were discussing school, which begins next week, as well as various teachers. Marty, who is a few years older than Maggie, was giving her the DL on what to expect in second grade. They were discussing a specific teacher at one point, and Maggie asked, "is she young or old?" Marty said, "well, she's kind of old, I guess." Maggie needed further clarification: "Is she old like my mom, or old old like my grandma?" Turns out she is "old old" like her 50s or 60s.

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papadale said...

Grandma Mary says"Thank you, oh, so much, for the clarification" As for me, I'm just glad she has a lady teacher, I dodged the bullet for once.