Monday, August 25, 2008


All of a sudden, Aleita has become interested in the crops - - we have no idea why. A few weeks ago, Aleita started asking about the crops as we would ride in the car. At various times, she would request crop identification. This past Friday, she was looking out the car window and said, "that's corn, right?" We answered in the affirmitive. "And those are green beans, right?" she asked. We corrected her and let her know they were actually soy beans instead of green beans.

This morning as we were on our way to drop her off at school, she was again pondering the farmers' handiwork. She easily identified the corn. Apparently she is still having difficulty with the soy beans. When she saw a large field of soy beans, she excitedly declared, "and those are the laser beams!" We had a laugh and then reminded her that they were soy beans, not laser beams.

Yep, she's a townie.


Michelle said...

We went through this about a month ago with Nathaniel. Only he would point to a bean field and say, "MMM... yummy soybeans". I guess to some they are yummy. I'm certain he was confusing them with green beans.

Ashleigh said...

Ha! Ha! Ha!....So far this has received the biggest laugh out of Cole and I! :) We are thinking Tom could use a knowledgeable copilot this fall!

papadale said...

I'm glad she's starting to pick up the differences, I could use a gardening helper. Although, I do remember dinner at our place when Aleita wanted nothing to do with tomatoes, because, when sliced, they looked to much like watermelon to be appealing to her.

Susan said...

Are you familiar with edamame? Young soybeans boiled in salted water and you simultaneously push out and suck the bean(s)from the end of the pod to eat it. There's a young woman who sits near me who thinks they are God's gift and doesn't understand my lack of fascination with them. All I can think of is the joy of walking in heat and humidity down rows of soybeans in hip-high dew that has soaked my clothes. She can just keep on sucking on them!

Becky said...

Michelle - - perhaps Nathaniel will be a fan of the soy and the tofu - do we have a future vegetarian on our hands?

Ashleigh - - I am not sure if Tom would like Aleita riding in the combine with him for very long...everytime she rides with my dad, all she wants to do is toot the horn!

Papa Dale - - Of the two girls, Aleita is actually the better yard helper. Maggie would much rather be inside watching TV. Aleita is happy to be outside and helping and right in the middle of everything.

Susan - - that is funny you should mention "walking beans." I just had a discussion this past Sunday with some friends about it after church. All of our kids were just looking at us like we were crazy because they just could not understand what we were talking about.

Susan said...

It does take awhile to put on all those little collars and attach the leashes but it's always so nice to take a walk in the fresh air!