Wednesday, August 6, 2008


This morning, I made the kids scrambled eggs for breakfast. In the car on the way to school, Aleita informed me that she didn't like eggs. I said, "but you ate them right up - - and you always like eggs." She said, "I know....but there wasn't any bacon this morning. If you have eggs, you have to have bacon because they rhyme. If there isn't any bacon, I don't want the eggs next time."

So there you have it - - according to my four year old, eggs shouldn't be eaten if you don't have the bacon to "rhyme" with them. Apparently there is a reason why when we refer to "bacon and eggs" that we don't say "eggs and bacon."

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papadale said...

I found out that sausage works just as well as bacon, especially with hot cakes, but, if you don't have meat you get an "OH MAN!!"