Sunday, April 27, 2008


There are some things in life that when you see them, you say to yourself, "Now that is just wrong." Then, there are some things in life, that when you see them, they are SO wrong they you feel compelled to point it out to someone else. I had just such a moment on our vacation.

As Chris, the kids, and I were heading in from the beach one afternoon, we stopped at the area that has the hose to wash the sand off before you head back to your condo. We had just finished and were gathering up our things when another couple, apparently also staying in our condo's complex, walked by on their way out to walk the beach. The couple, in the 60s, walked arm in arm down the wooden walkway leading out to the beach. The woman had on a simple black swimsuit and wore a typical beach hat to shield her face from the sun. The guy, however, was the one that earned my "that's so wrong" vote for the day. He wore a Speedo and cowboy hat, carried a beer in one hand, and held a big cigar in his mouth.

I couldn't help myself. It was like an accident on the side of the road - - you know you shouldn't look, but you just can't help yourself. As soon as he and his wife walked past us, I smacked Chris and made sure he could witness that guy in all his glory as well. I said to Chris, " I wish I could somehow get a picture of that....we shouldn't be the only ones witness to this!!" to which of course, he just rolled his eyes at me.

He did, however, redeem himself. After about an hour, after we had gone inside and showered and were getting ready to go out for supper, I was sitting on the couch braiding Aleita's hair. Chris stuck his head in the sliding glass door from the patio where he had been sitting reading his book. "I know I'll regret this," he said, "but that guy is laying down at the pool if you want a picture."

I leapt up and left Aleita's hair half braided and ran for my camera. I only managed a picture with him laying on his stomach....sorry that you won't get to enjoy the full frontal as we did, but I am sure you will get the idea. I know, I know....THAT IS SO WRONG.

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