Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I had a business lunch today with two ladies that I consider myself to be fairly friendly with. We exchange Christmas cards, and have lunch together on a regular basis. When we attend statewide conferences, we sit together for sessions and meals, and often socialize together of an evening or have dinner together while there.

So imagine my surprise when I found out that these gals committed a heinous crime today - - they failed to give me a teeth gunk warning. We had a long lunch in which we ate and discussed a pressing work concern – so long after our meals were eaten, we sat around the table dialoguing with our paperwork in front of us. After about an hour and half, we all headed our separate ways back to our offices. Being downtown, I decided to do something nice for my staff members and popped into Del’s to get them each a bag of caramel corn.

I arrived back at my office and handed out the caramel corn, then headed to the restroom. Imagine my shock and horror when upon looking in the mirror, discovered I had a big ol’ chunk of roast beef stuck between two of my front teeth. Stylish and sophisticated, right? Yes, indeed it seemed downright classy.

The thing is, this meaty leftover had to be there the entire time we were meeting at the restaurant. I can only wish for the best and hope that neither of my lunch companions got a close enough look at my chompers to witness the offending morsel, rather than think that they saw it and allowed me to proceed into public that way.

My husband rolls his eyes at me when, at the end of a meal in public, I give him a big smile and say, “check my teeth.” “Do I have anything in them?” I’ll ask. Invariably, he answers, “Enamel.” Men don’t get it. My close girl friends - - we know. We get it. We’ve been there. I needed one of you there with me today.

*How many of your unconsciously ran your tongue over your teeth while reading this, or feel compelled to go check yours in the mirror right now? Just the women, I know. . . .

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Kitty said...

I'm running my tongue over my teeth, but I just ate a Snickers bar and the caramel and peanuts are stuck! It was yummy though!