Sunday, April 20, 2008


Greetings from the land of grits, cornbread and sweet tea. I didn't think I would be blogging again until May, but I brought my laptop along for the kids to watch movies in the car, and it turns out, we have wireless connection in our condo. So, lucky you . . . um, I mean, ya'll, won't have to wait until then. (for those of you who do not know, we are vacationing this week in Charleston, SC. We are actuallly staying on at a beachfront condo on the Isle of Palms - - today it was 75 degrees, sunny and slightly breezy - - and every day this week is supposed to be more of the same.)

We had a funny today at lunch that I thought I would share. We were eating at a wonderful little beachside bar/restaurant called the Banana Cabana, and our waitress was talking with the kids a bit. Aleita and Maggie were telling her their names and bending her ear a bit, when Maggie said, "there is me, then Aleita, but we left the baby in the car. Mommy wouldn't let us bring Maribel with us." She was speaking of her DOLL baby, but the waitress gave her a wide-eyed look, then glanced at us as if to plead, "she is just kidding, right?" I quicklly corrected with, "her DOLL baby is in the car." The waitress slightly exhaled and gave a nervous laugh, obviously relieved that she wasn't going to need to dash inside and make a quick call to DCFS.

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Karen R said...

we had a somewhat similar experience lately in the grocery store. I let Freya take her baby doll in and in the middle of the store she started yelling about "Baby poop!! Baby Diaper OFF!!!".

I think the people around me were actually relieved to see that she was ripping off the doll's diaper and not her own. Apparently, baby dolls poop a lot. ;)