Thursday, April 3, 2008


There is a woman that drives a little blue car who has a child that attends Maggie’s school. I see her often when I am dropping Maggie off at school in the morning. Apparently, she fell right out of 1958 and landed in 2008. Her license plate reads, “BOBS WFE.”

I am sure that Bob is a great guy and all, but doesn’t this woman have any identity of her own? I have wondered to myself if she had perhaps thought of putting her OWN name on her license plate, but of course, since Bob was the one who probably filled out the form, he thought it would be a real conversation starter to get “BOBS WFE.” Or, perhaps he simply thought it would dissuade would-be Casanovas from encroaching on his territory.

I don’t know this woman at all, but I picture her as a real “yes dear” kind of a gal. I imagine her flitting around the kitchen in the afternoon, baking up fresh cookies for Bob and the youngster who will soon be home from school. I have a picture of her in my mind in a gingham dress and apron - - humming merrily as she cleans the house and irons Bob’s shirts.

Perhaps I am way off base, and this was just Bob’s idea of a joke. Maybe he ordered the plates thinking that it was funny, and Bob’s wife simply couldn’t bring herself to fork over another $82 to replace them. Who knows? Maybe Bob went to work the next day with the indention of a backwards letter “B” on his head after his wife smacked him with the license plate.

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papadale said...

On a related note, while working at the old Tractor Factory, we had a Product Manager who rode around on a bicycle and generally caused trouble and intimidated people all day long, the code for him was "here comes B.O.B." he heard this several times and seemed to like the recognition, I don't believe anyone ever told him B.O.B. was our code for Bastard On A Bike. So...Maybe this is BOB's wife.