Wednesday, September 5, 2007

South Carolina Must Be So Proud!

Just in case you haven't seen this one, it is a clip from the Miss Teen USA Pageant that was held last week. I actually was flipping through channels and saw this happen. I immediately thought, "this is going to end up on You Tube!"

Click on the link, and just enjoy.


Julianne said...

I feel sorry for this girl. She's a teenager. I can't imagine my answer to that question at 17. It wouldn't have been much better than hers.

She DID redeem herself on the Today show the next day.

Becky said...

The thing is though, she is a pageant girl. . . it should be expected that she would be able to respond more intelligently than that, even if she was really nervous. Isn't that what they are "groomed" to do?

Julianne said...

Hey, it's better than snorting coke off of a bathroom counter and baring your tatas for the world to see. Isn't that what Miss Teen USA did? And she probably gave a GREAT answer.

Kitty said...

That clip is so painful to watch. I do feel sorry for her. You can almost see in her face that she knew she was rambling,but didn't know what else to do.