Friday, September 28, 2007


Who knew that two alternative-type singers could be so well-versed in the art of Momspeak? To take a line from a Jack Johnson/Ben Harper collaboration:

It seems to me that maybe
It pretty much always means no

These guys really have insight into how moms of the world must often operate. When you are in public, saying an outright, "no" to your kids can often drive them into a fit of pouting and with a three year old, a temper tantrum. But tell them "maybe," and well, they hold out a glimmer of hope that just perhaps, who knows, well. . .maybe that "thing" that they want will actually happen.

As an example, today after I picked up Maggie and Aleita from school, I needed to run by Menard's. As we were walking into the store, Aleita asked if Daddy was at home. I told her that he was working at a football game tonight and would be home after they went to bed. Occasionally, I will take the kids out to a game that he is working, but I really wasn't up for it tonight. As if on cue though, Aleita then asks if we can go to the football game tonight. I had a choice at that point. I knew full well the answer was "no." However, I also knew that I wanted to spend a good fifteen minutes looking at paint samples, and doing so with a whiny, crying three-year old was not going to work well for me. So I gave her my best momspeak answer, "We'll see." ("We'll see" is another way of saying "maybe" in momspeak.)

After we left the store, I did take them to the park and let them play for almost an hour. Playing at the park apparently quelled her desire to go to the game, because there was no more mention of it. After that, we came home and had supper, then I gave them baths and read books and got them to bed. It is now 8:30PM and I should probably go work on packing. Is that what I'm going to do? Hmmm. . . .maybe!

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papadale said...

MAYBE I'll stop by and help you finsh packing.