Monday, September 3, 2007

Decatur Garcia's = Thumbs Down!

A friend and I ate lunch on Friday at Garcia's Pizza. I was very excited when we got a Garcia's back in Decatur - we previously had one at the mall, but it closed several years ago, I believe after a number of repeated health code violations and the effects of poor management. At any rate, prior to this spring, if I wanted a Gutbuster, the nearest location was in Champaign. This past Friday, I was jonesin' for a Gutbuster, so off to Garcia's we went. After we ordered and sat down, I realized that there were about five televisions located in the fairly small space of Garcia's - - all of the blaringly loud, and tuned to the Jerry Springer Show. My friend and I tried to carry on a conversation, but it was nearly impossible with the trash blaring from the television sets around us.

And speaking of trash, after we were seated, I noticed that the garbage cans were overflowing, and the floors looked as though they hadn't been swept in a month. YUCK. I even went up to the counter to ask someone to turn the channel and turn the volume down on the TVs. The girl behind the counter said she would ask the manager. After about five minutes, he came out from behind the counter and shouted to me from across the restaurant that something was wrong with the TV and that was the only station they could get. We were almost done eating at that point, so I didn't press the matter. If it were me though, and my choice were Jerry Springer or nothing, I would definitely pick nothing.

I don't think I will be back to this Garcia's again anytime soon. If this one follows in its predecessor's footsteps, it too will likely fall victim to poor management. If I need to satisfy my Gutbuster craving, looks like I will have to head to Champaign.


papadale said...

I'm with you 100+% on this one, the Garcia's in the Mall was filthy and loud every time I was in it, and, the only difference I've ever seen between Jerry Springer, Dr. Phil, Rush Limbaugh, and a Tornado is the size and value of the trailer someone is getting ready to loose.

Champaign-Urbana worker said...

I'll mail you a gutbuster in an envelope. It will arrive sometime in the next 2 weeks.