Thursday, September 27, 2007

POOR ME. . . .

I know someone who is always talking about how poor she is. Truth be told, she and her family live in a very nice, large home in a wealthy subdivision. She is always dressed in very fashionable, expensive clothes, and wears beautiful jewelry and a huge diamond ring. She drives a brand new car and sends her kids to a private school. So why does she always complain about money?

She reminds me of "that girl" in junior high who would always say, "I'm so fat," when she was about as big around as a pencil. She was always wanting everyone to say, "Oh my gosh - - you're not fat! You're so skinny!!" I am the one who would say something like, "well, it does look like you've maybe put on a few pounds, I suppose." People like that drive me crazy and I refuse to play those stupid games.

When the lady I know who always complains about being poor starts in about her money troubles, I just want to smack her and tell her to knock it off. Unfortunately, I know her from a professional standpoint and would seriously jeopardize our working relationship if I told her to knock off the "poor me" talk. Perhaps she never really outgrew junior high school.


Julianne said...

I know you are jealous but, come on!, talking about me on your blog? That's the lowest of the low.

papadale said...

Yeah, I thought we decided to never say anything like that about Juliane in print!!! Come on, next thing you know, You'll be telling her I said YOU were my favorite.