Wednesday, November 26, 2008


This morning, Aleita found part of her pirate dress up stuff in the car on the way to school. She was in the back seat, happily playing with it as we made our way to Decatur. Her favorite part of the dress up kit is not the eye patch or the pirate hat . . .no. . . for her, the best part is the hook. It has a small handle to hang onto, and is covered by fabric so when she holds it, it gives the appearance that she has a little black plastic hook for a hand. It is oh-so-awesome. Normally she doesn’t get to play with it for very long because she starts hooking things she shouldn’t, such as her sister.

Today though, since Maggie was not in the car, she was free to hook to her heart’s content. I had to laugh though, at the dialogue she had with herself about her activities. She actually made up a little tune to go along with her ramblings. It went something like this:

“I’m a hooker! I’m a hooker! I’m a great big hooker. I am the best hooker in Blue Mound. No one is as good a hooker as me!”

So there you have it. We all want our kids to strive to achieve great things. Mine is currently the best hooker in Blue Mound. Somehow I don’t think they make a bumper sticker for that one.


Teresa said...

Oh my gosh! I'm sitting here laughing out loud at my desk, that's hysterical!

papadale said...

This may well be the best ever you have recorded about Aleita. I always told my sons, when they were on their way up,'What you decide to do with your life is not as important as being good at what you do.' That said, I'm hoping for the song writer skill to take center stage SOON!!!!

kristin said...

this made me laugh out loud. You should write a book.