Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Last night at dinner, Aleita was talking about her favorite jobs to be assigned at her daycare. Each day, the kids take turns being helpers. They are given various “helper jobs,” such as calendar helper, table cleaner, weather helper, floor sweeper, etc. By far, the coveted job at daycare is being the line leader. Aleita explained that everyone wants to be the line leader and that it makes her really happy when she gets to have that job.

She then mentioned that when Nick is the line leader, he cries sometimes. I said, “Why does he cry?”

She rolled her eyes and said, “Because I pass him because he’s too slow. Then he cries.”

I said, “How does that make you feel when you’re the line leader and people pass you? Do you like it when that happens?”

She looked at me in confusion, then answered very seriously, “No one passes me when I’m the line leader.”

I can just picture my little Aleita body slamming the kids into the wall should one of them try to sneak past her while she is the line leader. No, I doubt very much that she gets passed.


papadale said...

Always having been a force to contend with, Grace also has a first name. How's that for perspective? Maybe we can get Uncle Ben to teach her a few elbow drop and body slam moves, then no on will challenge her right to be line leader.

Susan said...

Think this will carry over when that dangerous day arrives when she receives her driver's license? I can see her zooming down the road, moving ever so slightly over to prevent any would-be passers from overtaking her! Be sure and send out warnings when she gets her learner's permit and license, okay?

Julianne said...

I love a scrappy little girl!

Tammy Bogle said...

OMG...ha ha....My daughter Lydia is the Line Leader in this photo (like 4 years ago!!). Love it!! A teacher at the school sent me a note about it. :) Cheers!!