Tuesday, July 29, 2008


We moved to the little town of Blue Mound (pop. about 1,200) last October. I grew up small town, but spent the last fifteen years in the "big" city (haha) of Decatur. Life has a funny way of coming full circle - - I now feel very content raising my kids small town. We like knowing that there are other people who watch out for you and your family and have a genuine concern for helping your kids turn out to be good people...you know, that whole "it takes a village thing."

I can say without doubt that I have officially become Mounder. The proof? My schedule for the three days of our small town celebration. The Blue Mound Fall Festival is held the second weekend in August each year. This year, I have shifts selling 50/50 tickets, working at the Bingo game, selling cake and ice cream at our church's stand, assisting with the chicken dinner, and working on our church's float for the parade. I will probably end up walking with or riding on our float for the parade as well (you gotta love small town parades....every year, everyone takes turns either watching it or being in it.)

And they say that people move to small towns to "get away from it all."


Anonymous said...

Sounds so nice! I'm jealous!

papadale said...

The most wonderful thing about Small Towns is that everyone knows what everyone else is doing, and just how busy you are, the absolute worst thing about small towns is that everyone knows what everyone else is doing.