Thursday, July 31, 2008


Chris and I frequently refer to Aleita as "Thunderhoof" because of the sound she makes as she comes barreling through the house full-bore. One day last week, Aleita ran full throttle into the kitchen and bumped into the table which in turn, knocked off a pile of library books and rattled a glass in the process. I said to her, "Slow down! You are like a bull in the china shop!" She gave me a funny look, but turned around and walked about ten steps away from the kitchen before resuming top speed as she bounded up the stairs.

This morning, little Thunderhoof came barreling into the bathroom, crashing into the step stool and making a terrible racket before she herself fell down on the floor. "Aleita!" I said, "slow down!" She said, "Mommy - am I like a bowl in the china cabinet?" It puzzled me for a second and I had her repeat it until I figured out that she actually had twisted her metaphor just a bit....becoming a bowl in the china cabinet rather than the bull in the china shop.


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Sometimes, I think I'd like to get inside that little head, then, reality hits home, and, I think "Not so much"