Tuesday, June 24, 2008


We are on vacation on Lake Barkley in Kentucky right now. We are on our first "adults only" vacation that we have been on since Maggie was born. (A BIG THANKS to both of our parents for making that possible.) We went with two other couples who are friends of ours - we have a lake front cabin with beautiful views of the lake. One of the couples brought their boat, and I already got my shoulders a little red from the lake yesterday. Stronger sunscreen is definitely in order today.

Forgive my lack of updates for the week!


papadale said...

I haven't talked to Aleita yet, but I know first hand, Maggie is having at least as much fun as you guys. She might be just a tad homesick, but Dempsey is helping keep her mind off being your full time 'servant'.

Julianne said...

Stay away from the lake.

Anonymous said...

Ignore Julianne, she's been consumed by the brain eating virus from outer space, go ahead, jump in the lake.