Monday, June 9, 2008


I witnessed something tonight that made me shudder - - something I had hoped to never witness my husband doing. He had just gotten home from work and came into the house. I was sitting talking with him, when he reached up with the car keys he had in his hand and proceeded to scratch inside his ear with them.

He could tell I was repulsed - - I am not sure if it was the expression on my face, or the gasp I gave and then telling him " don't you ever do that in front of me again." He looked surprised at me and then said, "What? My ear itches."

I explained that seeing men pick their ear with a car key completely and totally grosses me out. (I have no doubt that there are some women who likely do it as well, though I have yet to actually see it happen - - thank goodness.) I witnessed my dad do the same ear-pick key thing for years and had to bite my tongue about how vile I considered it. However, with my husband, I felt more than obliged to let him know that what he considered an innocent scratch of his ear with the car key was utterly deplorable to me. In a word, YUCK.

Belch in front of me. Fart if you must. Just please don't stick your car keys in your ear for a quick scratch.

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papadale said...

Hey, lighten up a bit, how else are you going to lubricate the inside of the ignition switch, and what better to do it with than a totally renewable lubricant, such as ear wax. Yeah, you guessed it, I'm a key head too.