Saturday, June 7, 2008


I am wondering if the time has arrived that we should consider building an ark. We have had almost fifteen inches of rain in the past three weeks and everything is saturated and flooded. Since last night alone, we have had another three inches. The backyard has standing water in spots, and the sump pump is working overtime. The ditches are overflowing and everything is just a mess. I am worried for my parents who don't have all their beans in yet, and in this rate, may not get it in. They also have corn that is no doubt under water right now. Perhaps they could consider planting rice?


kristin said...

At least you have a sump pump. We thought we got rid of our water problems when the sewer was replaced. The ground is so saturated that we have water coming through the floor. I will be glad when we move.

papadale said...

Glad your basement waterproofing job is working, Ben and Stacie, as you know, now have 2 houses, both flooded, a 2 yr. old, and one on the way, with all this water, we need lemons, cause it's, for sure, lemonade making time!!!The good news is they were flooded by their floor drain, should be covered by insurance, bad news is Insurance Adjusters don't work weekends.