Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I am beginning to amass quite a collection of something that I really don't care for - - single earrings. Today after lunch, I looked in the mirror to fix my lipstick (and of course, check my teeth for stray lettuce from my salad), and I noticed that I was missing the earring in my right ear. (sigh.)

At the time, I was traveling in the passenger seat in a friend's car on the way back to our office after lunch. I unhooked my seatbelt and did a scan of my seat to check for it. Alycia asked me, "what are you doing?" "I am missing an earring," I told her. She said, "I didn't notice it was missing during lunch - hopefully it's around her somewhere." I looked on the floorboard, in the door handle grab and in my purse. "Maybe it fell down your blouse," she said - - "Check your bra," she suggested. I checked. "Just boobs," I sighed. I even called the restaurant when I got back to work just to check to see if they found it. No such luck.

My poor lone earring will join the others in the small back square of my jewelry box where single earrings go to die. My thinking is that as soon as I give up hope and throw the single earring away, its mate will turn up somewhere, and I will be kicking myself for having been so hasty to say hasta la vista to my little lobe dweller. It is hard, also, to just pitch an earring that is part of a set of what were once some of my favorites. I know I can't wear them anymore, but it doesn't make me love them any less. (I have also been known to hang onto stray gloves and socks entirely past normal expection time for them to turn up.)

It of course stands to reason that the earrings that I lose one of are always my favorites - - since I wear them more often than I do the others, of course the chances are higher that one of them will get lost more than just those I wear occasionally. Still, it irks me that the one I lost today is part of the set I bought to replace the last set from which I lost one.

Anyone know someone with just one ear that is in need of some ear bling? Perhaps a pirate that has a taste for high fashion? If so, let me know. I have several hanging out in my jewerly box, just waiting to be worn. Perhaps I should start a website that allows people to trade their stray earrings, socks, and gloves with others who may have a match. Hmm....perhaps I'm onto something....


kristin said...

What type of back did it have. I find that any earring with a french hook slips out of my ear without me knowing. I've come close to losing a few myself.

Karen R said...

I have 2 earring holes on one ear and 3 on the other...I don't mind when I lose one :D
unless it's a giant hoop.

Becky said...

Kitty - it doesn't seem to matter what type of back it is -- this particular one was a one-piece that snapped into a two prong grab in the back. I have also lost french hooks and the kind with actual push on backs. My ears are apparently counter magnetic to earrings.

Becky said...

karen - I too have three in one ear and two in the other, but it is always one of the nice ones from the bottom holes that I lose. (I rarely change the upper holes - - they are just diamond studs that I leave in all the time.)