Thursday, September 4, 2008


Diet Coke, Diet Coke. . . how I love you so
You make me oh-so-happy when I am feeling low
‘round 8AM each morning, as I’m still shaking off the sleep
Out of my office and down the hall, every morn I creep

Cold and waiting to be opened , to quell my caffeine jones
In the fridge - my special stash that is mine and mine alone
When the can is gone my eyes can open all the way
Just my little ritual to begin the day

A little caffeine jolt the silver Diet Coke is packing
Just don’t buy the gold can because the caffeine’s lacking
The gold just lacks that rush that I need to start my day
If offered one I’ll shake my head and turn and walk away

I like the kind with lime but the cherry kind, no thanks
You can keep that kind all for yourself - towards the bottom's where that ranks
I like Diet Coke - - not Pepsi - - I spot the difference right off the bat
I think Diet Pepsi lacks that something special and to me it just tastes flat

I was never one for coffee, and although I do like tea
My morning Diet Coke is by far the drink for me
So if you’re craving some caffeine to get your morning started
Don’t sit there dozing at your desk and feeling all downhearted
Grab the lil’ gem in the silver can that helps get you on your way
And then you can be just like me with your Diet Coke each day.


Karen R said...

That was awesome!
I have to drink my Diet Coke in the morning too. :D

Becky said...

thank you, thank you...perhaps my next one will be "Ode to lasagna" because I love it too....

papadale said...

Caffeine is a drug, to, there can be no doubt, so, when you give your can a hug, careful, there may be drug sniffers about. Alas, I drink coffee, but suffer the same affliction, if you care to admit it or not, it's still an addiction.

kristin said...

I think I should make that my anthem! I am addicted to Dt. Coke.

How about an ode to chocolate?? Another one of my addictions...

Julianne said...

Aspartame Becky! Aspartame! It's B-A-D.

I never knew you were such a gifted poet.