Wednesday, September 10, 2008


In an email to me this morning, my friend Karen very tactfully made fun of the fact that I sometimes tend to dress my girls in matching outfits. The matching outfit thing may seem to occur more often than what it actually does, due to the fact that I have a propensity to want to take their picture together when they’re all cutesy matched, so there just happens to be quite a bit of photographic evidence to support that conclusion. Karen also accused me of being one of “Those People.” You know “Those People” - - they are the ones that you see doing stuff with their kids that you swear to yourself that you will never do - - because it is the stuff that only “Those People” do. She admitted to me, however, that this past weekend, she joined the ranks of “Those People.” Seem she babysat for her niece and had ended up taking a slew of pictures of her niece and her own daughter in.. . . .you guessed it - - matching outfits! What can I say? I can’t help it - - they just look so dern cute when they are dressed alike.

It is funny that she sent me that email though. I just had a conversation with my husband a few days ago about this very same topic. I had dressed the girls in cute matching dresses for church and commented to him that I wondered how much longer they would tolerate me dressing them alike. Right now, they love it when they dress the same and often request to do so. However, I know there will soon come a time when they will find it embarrassing and immature to do so. I can only speculate about who will be the first one to object - - Maggie, because she is older and more mature, or Aleita, because she is so headstrong and fiercely independent? Only time will tell.

For now, Maggie & Aleita enjoy their "Bobbseyness." When one wears a shirt or dress that they each have alike, the other will beg to change in order to match her sister. I know, I know . . . those days are numbered.


Karen R said...

LOL. When I wrote that email to you, I blogged about it on myspace at the same time. I didn't name you, just my high school buddy :)

Julianne said...

I'm all about the matching. Do it as long as you are able! Girl/boy matching is a tougher pill to swallow because the boy outfits are always so ridiculous. I steer clear of that territory.

papadale said...

Speaking as Grandparents, we enjoy the sibling dress code, we did it with our kids when they were little, especially Sean and Ben, they were close enough in size for a while to be thought twins. Don't worry, when it's time to stop, you'll hear it loud and clear.

Kristin said...

*gasp* You've one of "those" people. I don't think we can be friends anymore. :) Ha ha ha