Thursday, February 7, 2008


Maggie is participating in a fundraiser for her school called Jump Rope for Heart which raises money for the American Heart Association. She is quite excited about this fundraiser because one of her very favorite things to do is jump rope. She is also, of course, happy to be helping someone else out through the fundraising portion.

Last night, I told her that I sent out an email to friends and family asking them to donate to for this fundraiser. I also explained that she would send a thank you note to every one who donated, and she thought that was a good idea. I also mentioned to her that she would get to go to a “Subway” party that the school was having if she was able to raise at least $75. Her eyes lit up and she got very excited. Chris and I were kind of surprised because normally she doesn’t go gaga over lunch meat and chips.

She then asked where they would be riding the subway to. It took a moment, but we were then to surmise that she thought that they would get to go somewhere on an actual subway. Much to her disappointment, we explained that it was just sandwiches. Maggie has heard Chris and I talk about taking the subway somewhere after being in Chicago, and she is keen to give it a try herself. I have tried to explain to her that it is quite far from glamorous transportation, but her mind has obviously romanticized a far different version that what exists with the actual public transportation provided by the subway.

Perhaps once she gets to take the Red Line in Chicago, she will realize that she had it much better off when she got a sandwich and chips.



papadale said...

Ahh yes, the sights, sounds, and oh! the indescribable odors of the Red Line, I could see how that could be confused with a Subway Sandwich Shop. Good luck jumping rope!

Julianne said...

Dagnabbit. I meant to send a check with the Valentine's card. So sorry. I'm not a very good aunt!