Thursday, February 21, 2008


Too bad you can’t see me, because I am not here. This morning, Aleita “misappeared” me. I was teasing her, calling her my “huggy bear,” and she kept insisting that no, she was a Power Ranger - - so I started calling her my “huggy bear Power Ranger.” She got that Aleita-I’ve-had-it-with-you face going on, then she pulled out her pretend magic wand and waved it at me. She then informed me that she had just made me “misappear.” She said if I would stop calling her that, she would bring me back tonight. Here’s hoping!


Susan said...

Sounds similar to pointing the remote toward your spouse and pushing the "mute" button!

papadale said...

Said it before, probably say it again, keep an eye on this one,while you're laughing at her, she's planning her next move.