Thursday, January 17, 2008


Last night, I took the kids through the drive through at McDonald's - - one of their favorite treats. As we were going through the line, Aleita surprised me by saying, "Thank you for getting us McDonald's, Mommy."

We constantly work on remembering to use manners and be polite, but it is always a fantastic feeling when they actually think to do it without being told.

I said to Aleita, "You know what kiddo? I love you" to which she replied, "You know what Mommy? I love chicken nuggets!"


papadale said...

When we kept the girls overnight, we got up with a request for Papa's pancakes already on the menu from the night before, while making the batter that morning, Maggie, (looking out for my best interest) said "You know, Papa,you didn't have to make pancakes, we could have went to McDonalds" when I sat breakfast on the table, Aleita said "No sausage? Oh man!!" I could only laugh at both remarks, it's good to be loved, but,it's better to go to Mickie-D's

Julianne said...

I love chicken nuggets too!