Friday, January 4, 2008


Somebody at our house was looking at the world through green eyes last night. Maggie doesn't return to school until this coming Monday, but Chris and I had to go back to work this week. Maggie's school care program isn't available while they are on break, and I knew she'd get bored spending two days at work with me - - and I have a lot to get done, and knew having her here would be a distraction. So I called Grandma.

Grandma Helen and Papa Kenny were glad to keep Maggie Thursday and Friday, and Maggie was very excited to go. As soon as she heard us stirring on Thursday morning at 5:15AM, she was out of bed and eager to get the day going. Without even being told to, she made her bed. She was anxious to get to Grandma and Papa's house. As I was getting ready for work, she continually asked, "Are you almost ready yet?"

We decided to skip telling Aleita about these plans until we had to. Last night after work, I went grocery shopping, and then called Maggie on the drive home to talk for a little bit. She wanted to talk to Chris and Aleita as well, so after we had hung up, I called home and told Chris to give her a call and let Aleita talk to her sister. Long pause. . . . then he told me that he hadn't yet told Aleita that Maggie was at Grandma and Papa's house. He decided that the jig would be up as soon as I arrived home sans Maggie, so he might as well get it over with.

When he told her that Maggie was staying at their house for the night, Aleita at first asked with concern if Maggie was sick (the kids often get relegated to the grandparents' houses to convalesce when they are not feeling well so that we can go to work.) Once assuring her that Maggie was ok, but was just staying with Grandma and Papa for a few days, Aleita's expression immediately soured. She insisted that she too, should go to stay with them. After being told that just Maggie was going to be staying, she did what most three-year olds do in this type of situation - - she threw a fit. Needless to say, in Aleita's words, she was "not happy about this."

This morning, Aleita awoke and groggily made her way to the bathroom to go potty. She stretched and coughed a little, and then we made our way to her room to get her dressed. As I was dressing her, she coughed again, and (accurately) reported that she had the hiccups. She said, "I have a bad cough and the hiccups." I told her that she had only coughed twice since she got up, at which point she threw in some nice fake ones for good measure. She then pronounced herself sick and decided that she should be immediately taken to Grandma and Papa's house for the day.

Oh jealousy, you green-eyed monster - - Aleita be thy name.

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