Friday, August 24, 2007


Aleita has a new favorite saying: "I am not happy about this." She pulls this one out at least a couple of times a day. I am not sure where she picked it up, but she uses it to describe her state of mind from anything from getting her hair combed to being told to finish her green beans. Last night, she wanted me to read her an extra book before bed. When I told her no, she replied, "I am not happy about this." When she gives me her new line, I always respond, "How unfortunate." This morning, as I put her pink and white tennis shoes on, she said, "I want my Dora tennis shoes!" As I already had one on and was almost through putting on the second, I said, "sorry - you get the pink and white ones today." "I am not happy about this," she responded. I replied, "How unfortunate." She doesn't usually argue beyond that point, she just feels the need to clarify with you that indeed, she is not happy with the current state of affairs.

What if we could get away with such candor in our everyday adult lives? Think about all those times when you have to bite the end of your tongue so that you don't say something rude or inappropriate. Imagine if we could simply let go when we are just not happy about something. My day might go something like this: At work - - "Hey Becky, I need you to complete this report by 3PM today." Instead of replying, "ok, no problem," I could simply say, "I am not happy about this." At Wal-Mart - - "Your total comes to $239.32." Instead of just swiping my debit card, I could add, "I am not happy about this." At the doctor's office after waiting 45 minutes past my appointment time, when they say, "sorry we're running so late today," instead of the standard, "oh, that's ok," I could add, "I am not very happy about this."

Truth be told though, I would most likely hear, "oh. . . . how unfortunate."


Grandma Helen said...

Maybe Aleita and Gma Helen need to sit down. I think "we need to talk".

Susan said...

What a picture! If looks could kill!