Sunday, November 15, 2009


Today, Chris and I drove separately to church because I had chimes practice 1/2 hour before Sunday School. (yes - we drove both cars the whole two blocks to the church - - it was raining, cut us some slack!)

After church, Aleita decided to ride home with me, and Maggie with Chris. Aleita, ever the competitor, said to me, "Hurry up, Mommy! Beat them home!!" She was ever-so-impatient with me as I did the responsible-mom thing and made sure she was properly buckled into her seat belt.
As if to provide additional incentive to me, she yelled, "C'mon! The last one home's a rotten chicken!!"

Rotten chicken....rotten close.

(By the way, we ended up as the "rotten chickens." They beat us home.)

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papadale said...

your immediate ability to understand these modifications of speech patterns is amazing, does it come from a higher level of understanding, or, perhaps, from being on the same level as my outspoken Granddaughter?