Sunday, December 21, 2008


A few weeks ago, I was browsing in the Barbie aisle at Wal-Mart, looking for Christmas ideas for Maggie. I guess I shouldn't be surprised for what Mattel comes up with for Barbie to do these days - - but I have to admit, that even I was a little taken aback. More about that in a minute . . .for those of you who are out of the "Barbie loop," you may not realize that Barbie has been quite busy since her creation in the 1950s. Originally, Barbie was conceived as a fashion model, but it didn't take long for her to start getting jobs - - as a babysitter, nurse, and teacher. It took her until the mid-1970s to shatter the glass ceiling, when she finally became a doctor.

After a few decades though, Mattel began to recognize that they had better keep up with the times if they wanted to milk the Barbie cash cow for all she was worth. Those smart toy makers have transformed Barbie dolls into various Disney princesses, DC Comic Superheroes, Spice Girls, and more recently, assorted members of the cast of High School Musical. Barbie has also had a variety of careers, ranging widely from astronaut to paleontologist to veterinarian to McDonald's employee to US President -- heck, she has even been a Nascar driver! When it comes to careers, you name it, and Barbie has probably done it.

Yes - apparently Barbie even does Nascar. . .
Getting back to my surprise in the Wal-Mart toy aisle - - I was browsing through the different types of Barbies when I came across one that really didn't scream "Christmas cheer" to me. It actually just kind of screamed. I stopped dead in my tracks to take a look - - among the lovely pink Barbie packages, was one that was somewhat startling to behold. Whoever thought that Alfred Hitchcock and Barbie would be used together in the same sentence?

Thank goodness! Just in time for the holidays! Exactly what every little girl wants for Christmas . . . . Barbie as Tippi Hedren in Alfred Hitchcock's THE BIRDS!
Yes, nothing says "Christmas cheer" like Barbie having her eyes gouged out by crows. Ha, ha Barbie - - even Ken can't save you now! You shouldn't have bitched so much about being a Nascar driver - - nobody likes a whiner! Merry Christmas - love, Mattel!

(Needless to say, that won't be waiting under the Christmas tree for Maggie this year.)


Jus Shar Designs said...

For real? That is awful. LOL

Angela Wright said...

Oh, how funny! I just stood stupified, staring at this horrific doll at wal-mart about 3 days ago!! I was by myself and had to resist the urge to grab a stranger and ask "Can you even believe this Barbie!?" but, alass, I did not.
You'd think that they would have that one is a collectors section or something!
I found your blog through Feedjit..and your Barbie post caught my eye. Merry Christmas!

papadale said...

Hey, at least she's dressed! The Ken dolls in our toy box have an un-erasable smile on their faces all the time.

uncle doug said...

3 Barbies I'd like to see:
1. Amy Winehouse Barbie. Big dark circles. Can't stand up on its own.
2. "I can fix your truck" Barbie. Short haircut, flannel shirt, drinks Jack from the bottle, spits.
3. Roomba Barbie. I just want to see her spin around and clean my house. Yes, my life is indeed that unremarkable.

Johnny Virgil said...

I would totally buy that barbie.