Thursday, October 23, 2008


I was looking at my Family Fun magazine this morning while I was eating breakfast. In this month’s issue is a special section called “Toys of the Year” awards - -which basically is showing you some hot toys to purchase for the upcoming Christmas season.

One of the toys featured is called the “Fabulous Fairyland Playset – The Fairy Garden.” In the write up, the reviewer highlights one of its features by saying, “Our testers found that putting together the myriad of pieces of was much fun as playing with the three fairies.” Sorry, but any toy that is described as having a “myriad of pieces” is probably not something that is going to be welcomed into the Hale household with open arms. I find that things that have a “myriad of pieces” end up being scattered from one end of my house to the other, and then parts are subsequently lost, rendering the toy useless. I have tried to keep the toys orgazined - - I have bought brightly colored toy storage and rubbermaid bins galore, as well as worked with the girls repeatedly in an effort to keep the toys in a somewhat semi-organized fashion. Alas, my best efforts to keep Barbies in one container, Little People in a separate container, Legos in another container, etc. are usually thwarted by two little girls who find that pieces and parts from all their toys can be mixed and matched for some new use with whatever they are playing with at the moment. Who am I to stifle their creativity?

And yet - The Fairy Garden will not be under the Christmas tree from Santa this Christmas.


Julianne said...

Thanks. You just made my Christmas shopping SO much easier.

uncle doug said...

Is that picture for real? Believe me, the designer of that toy was indulging in unlawful substances of some sort. I can envision your girls' faces if they were to receive this: that look of disdain/disbelief that Maggie does so well, and Aleita's disappointment that it doesn't explode or fly.

papadale said...

What was that name again, The Fairy Garden?, and you say it's a real hassle for parents? Hummm.