Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Yesterday, Maggie and I stopped by Hobby Lobby for a minute on the way home. As we were heading out of the store, the lady who had parked next to us got out of her car and took a look at her parking job. She had done a pretty poor job and realized it, and said to us with a laugh, "I think I better try that again! I didn't park too good!"

Maggie immediately looked at her and said, "No, you didn't park too well." It was enough to almost bring a little tear to this grammar cop's eye. I am constantly correcting the children's grammar in an effort to teach them to sound like intelligent human beings. The woman, a little embarrassed, got back into her car and righted her vehicle into the parking spot. She avoided eye contact as she walked into the store. Nothing like having your grammer corrected by a 7-year old to deflate your ego just a bit.


papadale said...

whut wuz ewe thinken??

Deloris McVey's evil sister said...

LOL!!! That's hilarious!