Wednesday, October 3, 2007


As I have mentioned before, Maggie has a new Bible verse to memorize every night. Each day at school, her teacher calls the kids up to her desk and has them recite the verse they learned for her. Toward the end of last week, they began working on the Ten Commandments.

Today’s verse to learn was this: The Fifth Commandment – You shall not murder. We started working on it last night after supper. Immediately after hearing the word “murder,” Maggie of course asked, “what’s murder?” I explained to her that it was when you kill someone. She responded, “why would anyone want to do that??” (from the mouths of babes!) We practiced it a few more times, but I could tell she was having difficulty remembering the word “murder.” Just not a part of a six-year old’s everyday vocabulary.

This morning, I asked Maggie if she remembered the verse she had to say for today. She said, “The Fifth Commandment - You shall not. . . . brag?”

Tomorrow’s verse? The Sixth Commandment – You shall not commit adultery. Can’t wait to explain that one.

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